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Our Lady of Fatima 5.9'' | 15cm


Our Lady of Fatima 5.9'' | 15cm


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Bless your household with the statue of the Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima. Transform your home in a safe haven in which you may seek the comfort of the warm embrace of Faith, and protection from the difficulties of life: disease, poverty, ill intentions… Our Lady of Fatima is followed all over the world by thousands of pilgrims moved by their faith in the Miracle of the Sun. Hundreds claim to have been cured of diseases and ridden of other ailments by the Virgin.

Among them is Pope John Paul II, who credited Fatima for his survival to the attack on his life: "The Blessed Virgin Mary, the first of the redeemed, the first to have been closely associated with the work of Redemption, will always be our guide and model." - Pope John Paul II

Painted eyes


  • 5.9'' | 15cm

    The statue is handmade and painted in Fatima, Portugal, and blessed by the local priest before we send it to you.

    Our Lady of Fatima 5.9'' | 15cm